Southwestern UFO Tours

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As an experienced traveler, photographer and adventurer, I have been doing professional tours since 2006 when I first started working as a wilderness guide in the Grand Canon and Arizona Strip. I've been doing Grand Circle tours and Southwestern Adventures that span from the West Coast in California all the way to the deep Southwest in Big Bend County all over Far West Texas.

In 2016, I began guiding Area 51 Tours from Cedar City, out to Rachel, Nevada and the infamous secret Area 51.  

My tours can be customized and you can tailor any adventure with me that works best for your group. Most of my planned tours will be offered exclusively through AirBnb. As a guide, interpreter and photographer, I'm not scripted and my interpretation and instruction is based on your needs and what you are looking for. Most people that seek out my adventures are not your average tourists but are post-modern adventurers that want to find something vastly different and unpredictable. Stay tuned for more info and updates on this page. 

Photo below was offered as a courtesy by Armando Martenez, Photo Frontier!

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