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Are You Looking For Something Personal or Special?

As a photographer, I'm a jack of trades and anything but strictly business. I was born a natural, intuitive artist and the wind talks to me! I can teach photography, give workshops, guided tours and professional advice. If you want a private tutor, one on one, to learn more about photography; take better pictures or get to know your camera better; I offer all of these services. My prices aren't fixed but I expect fair compensation for any work I do for you that's custom. I'm available for photoshoots, modeling sessions or anything that you can throw at me. With model shoots, I do take into consideration  services that are exchanged in a trade-for-trade fashion. Call me to discuss the gritty details of whatever you're looking to do whether it be commercial photography, or a personalized shoot. The price is always negotiable. Feel free to contact me on my cell: 435-531-9944 or email me using the contact form found on this site.

Dead Juniper on Grand Staircase National Monument

Prints & Pricing

Professional prints are available for sale through Talking Tree. All images are copyrighted by Nathan Cowlishaw. I use Smugmug for hosting and Bayphoto for all my printing. They happen to be one of the best image printing companies in the biz. When compared to other top printing labs they consistently beat the competition; check out this Smugmug Test. Prices for images on this site are shown in the shopping cart interface when selecting a photo to buy or print.  When you find an image you like, there's a "Buy" link/button above each file. When you click the button it opens a new screen showing a myriad of print sizes and options from standard prints to full wrapped canvas work. Several custom print sizes are available and some require manual cropping on your part. All the necessary tools are provided for you to accomplish this, easily.

Regarding which paper to print on; I would personally recommend the metallic print papers because it gives the images much more of a "pop" effect.

Here are my terms of service, subject to change without notice. All Content on Talking Tree Photography, including all images taken, are the sole property of Nathan Robert Cowlishaw and Talking Tree Photo from 2000-2014. I reserve all rights on photos taken. Please contact me prior to using any image found on Talking Tree Photo as permission is required with proper credit given.

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